Our Process: 4 Steps to Lifetime Income

For many who are quickly approaching retirement, the difference between a more secure future and a more uncertain one is the success of their retirement income strategies. While the process of determining income for life can be daunting, the framework of the Allianz 4 C's provides an easy-to-understand structure for the income planning process.

The 4 C's framework is progressive.

  1. Starting with clarity, the fact-gathering part of the process, individuals look at the realities of today and then address some basic questions about their future.

  2. Comfort, the second of the 4 C's, involves identifying the desired lifestyle for what could be multiple decades of retirement living.

  3. The next C, cost of living, helps evaluate the impact of inflation on retirement savings. While inflation is beyond the control of any individual, it is a tangible risk that will erode personal purchasing power.

  4. Certainty, the final C in the framework, identifies solutions based on proven data. By accepting the financial realities, clients can live with the knowledge that their short- and long-term retirement income strategies may be realistic and manageable.